Sunday, 10 April 2011

Filming Session - Improved Footage

The day after our discussion (2nd April) we decided we would film the footage that we would use to improve our music video this included two different shots. One filming two of us in different colored morph suits performing robotic movements so we perform repetitive reverse edits used to cut up some of the shots in the narrative to create continuity and fluency in the music video. I felt that this was a great idea as it will allow the audience to stay engaged in the music video. This footage would include mid shots of both people in morph suits as well as low angle shots capturing the feet and legs of the person in each morph suit this would give us plenty of footage to play with in terms of breaking up the long shots used in the narrative. The other shot would be used in the narrative to indicate where the narrative goes to the audience, this being the main character waking up to the narrative being a nightmare. We would capture this identically as we did in the first scene of the music video being a mid shot positioned at the end of the main characters bed, but this time capturing him waking up with a relieved face after facing a nightmare. Overall a successful day of filming ticking one of our objectives off of our improvement list.

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