Sunday, 10 April 2011

Editing Session - Improved Footage

On Monday 4th January we went back to school to edit the rest of our music video in which we gathered footage to improve it in terms of continuity and fluency as well as the audience understanding the narrative. We uploaded the footage and did what we said in a previous discussion and that was to manipulate the footage of the morph men performing robotic movements. We used repetitive reverse edits to each shot; this brought a sense of quirkiness to our music video and allowed us to break up some of the shots in the narrative which was one of our objectives after reviewing our class feedback. I felt this was needed and it was a good decision as it adds to the convention of our music video being quirky. Another objective was introducing an ending to the narrative which would in turn give the audience an understanding of where it leads. We added this to the end of the music video as the music fades out. This didn't require any editing as there was no music to keep it parallel with. The problem was we felt that we could also improve a music video a bit more by introducing more shots of lip syncing which would also break up the shots of the narrative. So we decided that we would film some more lip syncing shots that night ready to be edited the next day in our double media lesson. this way we would have taken on all of our objectives in improving our music video and hopefully have a final version of it. Overall I felt that we were stepping in the right direction in terms of getting our music video right so today was successful.

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