Sunday, 10 April 2011

Post-Modern Album Art - The Clash

The album Art is conventionally traditional as it includes the artist name, album name and an image of the artist (part of the band). The Image itself codes for rock 'n' roll as it is rebellious smashing a guitar to the ground. The costumes also code for punk/rock as you can see from the leather clothing which is familiar in rock culture. The image is in motion which gives us a sense of action through the blurred effect of the image. The colours Black and White gives the image a sense of edge, seriusness and convition or senserity (Classic feel).
The Album Art is a juxtaposition as we are shown a light hearted and playful approach through the font of the album name compared to the seriousness of the image. The album is also a homage to Elvis Presley's first album cover, this is called intertexuality. This album cover is a celebration of Elvis Presley, showing him respect and recognition. As you can see below.


Group Work

As a group I felt we worked extremely hard as a unit as we all put in equal suggestions which lead to our final music video. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a group as it meant we could put in suggestions that maybe individually we would have missed and I am grateful for my other group members co-operation as well as their help.

Final Media Product

this is our finished music video, I have thoroughly enjoyed creating this as it has broadened my knowledge of media in terms of software as well as different multimedia versions. I felt as a group we worked very hard and we worked well as a team.

Editing Session - Improved Footage 2

For our last part of editing we decided to incorporate some more lip syncing in our video as our rough cut didn't contain much of it. We had a few gaps from what we left from editing the whole of the music video the previous day. These gaps would be where the lip syncing would be placed in the music video; this provided the right balance between both the performance and the narrative. I felt that this would engage the audience  We introduced each lip sync to the beat and made sure that each of the lip sync footage was parallel to the lyrics otherwise it would have looked contrapuntal and unprofessional. I felt that overall editing this into our music video was for the best as it meant we had now completed our improvement list that we had gathered from our audience feedback but also completed our film which took time and effort but in the end was well worth it.

Filming Session - Improved Footage 2

That night after further editing to our music video we went back to Lewis' to film more Lip syncing to add for the music video. This would complete our objective list for improving our music video to create a more realistic one. We filmed Lewis' friend as he was the lead singer in the performance we had previously filmed so it would only make sense we video him. We gathered a mix of mid shots and low angle shots which represent the lead singer is important in the video as well as the song. This adds variety to the music video meaning it isn't boring in a way using the same shots all of the time, adding quirkiness. We had finally completed the filming for the music video and all there was to do to now was to finish the editing. I felt that this was needed in order to add more performance to our music video as this wa one of our criticisms in our audience feedback. Overall today was successful as it meant we could now mix up our performance with our narrative.

Editing Session - Improved Footage

On Monday 4th January we went back to school to edit the rest of our music video in which we gathered footage to improve it in terms of continuity and fluency as well as the audience understanding the narrative. We uploaded the footage and did what we said in a previous discussion and that was to manipulate the footage of the morph men performing robotic movements. We used repetitive reverse edits to each shot; this brought a sense of quirkiness to our music video and allowed us to break up some of the shots in the narrative which was one of our objectives after reviewing our class feedback. I felt this was needed and it was a good decision as it adds to the convention of our music video being quirky. Another objective was introducing an ending to the narrative which would in turn give the audience an understanding of where it leads. We added this to the end of the music video as the music fades out. This didn't require any editing as there was no music to keep it parallel with. The problem was we felt that we could also improve a music video a bit more by introducing more shots of lip syncing which would also break up the shots of the narrative. So we decided that we would film some more lip syncing shots that night ready to be edited the next day in our double media lesson. this way we would have taken on all of our objectives in improving our music video and hopefully have a final version of it. Overall I felt that we were stepping in the right direction in terms of getting our music video right so today was successful.