Sunday, 10 April 2011

Filming Session - Improved Footage 2

That night after further editing to our music video we went back to Lewis' to film more Lip syncing to add for the music video. This would complete our objective list for improving our music video to create a more realistic one. We filmed Lewis' friend as he was the lead singer in the performance we had previously filmed so it would only make sense we video him. We gathered a mix of mid shots and low angle shots which represent the lead singer is important in the video as well as the song. This adds variety to the music video meaning it isn't boring in a way using the same shots all of the time, adding quirkiness. We had finally completed the filming for the music video and all there was to do to now was to finish the editing. I felt that this was needed in order to add more performance to our music video as this wa one of our criticisms in our audience feedback. Overall today was successful as it meant we could now mix up our performance with our narrative.

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