Sunday, 10 April 2011

Editing Session - Improved Footage 2

For our last part of editing we decided to incorporate some more lip syncing in our video as our rough cut didn't contain much of it. We had a few gaps from what we left from editing the whole of the music video the previous day. These gaps would be where the lip syncing would be placed in the music video; this provided the right balance between both the performance and the narrative. I felt that this would engage the audience  We introduced each lip sync to the beat and made sure that each of the lip sync footage was parallel to the lyrics otherwise it would have looked contrapuntal and unprofessional. I felt that overall editing this into our music video was for the best as it meant we had now completed our improvement list that we had gathered from our audience feedback but also completed our film which took time and effort but in the end was well worth it.

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