Sunday, 10 April 2011

Post-Modern Album Art - The Clash

The album Art is conventionally traditional as it includes the artist name, album name and an image of the artist (part of the band). The Image itself codes for rock 'n' roll as it is rebellious smashing a guitar to the ground. The costumes also code for punk/rock as you can see from the leather clothing which is familiar in rock culture. The image is in motion which gives us a sense of action through the blurred effect of the image. The colours Black and White gives the image a sense of edge, seriusness and convition or senserity (Classic feel).
The Album Art is a juxtaposition as we are shown a light hearted and playful approach through the font of the album name compared to the seriousness of the image. The album is also a homage to Elvis Presley's first album cover, this is called intertexuality. This album cover is a celebration of Elvis Presley, showing him respect and recognition. As you can see below.

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